Electronic blackjack Gameplay

I have to agree with you all, there is no way in hell that these blackjack games aren’t rigged. When the dealer gets 21 like seven times in a row and you bust to 22 every single time you hit at 12, it starts to get real real obvious. And it seems like the dealer will always draw about ten cards, you’re feeling relieved waiting for the bust, except… nope, the computer will end up 21 or 20 every time somehow. Meanwhile, you stop getting your hopes up when you get 19 and 20 lmao. Oh and you’ll never get away with a blackjack without the dealer getting one right after you every single time. Oh, you’re up to $40 finally? Let’s have the dealer dunk on you fifteen times in a row and send you back to $25. Count down to zero begins soon, everybody get ready! Lmao

Once again yall win anybody ever notice how it will be somewhat fair for awhile then you get up a little bit and its overwith you cant beat them period funny how it seems to end with the bi### a## dealer getti g bj random my d##k thats it i give up will not put another dime on slots lv yall suck and anybody that works there yall are some sissy as punks if any of yall had a set of nuts youd email me and let me get a 1 id rather you beat my as then cheat me how come nobody ever comes on the chat or why yall donr have a phone number straight bit###s

Chat is available 24/7 While we appreciate it can be busy at times, you will get through if you keep trying, you can of course also message a moderator if you need help with something.

Will someone watch the last 10 games of blackjack i played and tell me thats random

I 100% agree all the way…, even if you were to record your screen for 20 straight hands.lol they will still deny fault even with the evidence right there…. It’s always an excuse or some smart ^ss remark… there is no way the crap that happens there could EVER happen in real life… it’s just not possible