Electronic blackjack Gameplay

It’s insane how many hands they allow you to lose playing basic blackjack strategy. For every blackjack you get expect the dealer to get triple that amount. When the dealer has a bust card best believe they are getting the exact card needed for a 20 or 21, it’s a terrible idea to even double down.

Is anyone playing with another strategy that actually allows you to continue playing? When I play with basic strat they take my money in minutes, it’s complete BS. They say it’s RNG but I’m thinking that stands for RIGGED number generator.

You keep thinking hey, since you just lost several hands in a row, maybe I’ll win a bunch of hands in a row, but it never fking happens. You continue to get fkd while they say it’s just RNG…… they should make the odds closer to real casino blackjack, not this BS 70-80% loss rate.

@cccasper22 Welcome to the Forum though we wish it was under better circumstance.

We an assure you that our online games all do run on an RNG that is fair and according to the actual game. Note that a review of your last 2 sessions shows a record of 9-14-2, or closer to 55-60% loss rate, which is well within a normal sample of gameplay for any normal Blackjack game.

We of course understand your frustration with any losses as they aren’t fun, but backtracking even further this 70-80% loss rate doesn’t seem to be accurate.

Then tell me what is more accurate? Post all the recent hands, post um all. I invite you to defend your bogus scam e blackjack.

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And quit changing the title of the post. You rig the blackjack PLUS you have to rig your forum??

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We’ve changed the title as per the Code of Conduct on the Forum. The title also more accurately reflects the status of what the thread is about.

Again we’ve posted details regarding your hands above and this is an accurate representation of the last 2 sessions. if you would like us to provide the actual hands we can do so but all we’ll really be able to provide is the cards and bet amounts. Note as well that you can see this yourself in your transactions page to confirm.

How many sessions did I leave up? You always take and never allow anyone to actually win, that’s the issue. And it’s not that I played ton and tons of hands with blackjack always leaving you losing playing after awhile, I played maybe 40 hands. Look through my sessions for the last few weeks and do the math, it’s complete bs and you know it. It’s rigged af and you need to have a third party company actually audit that shit.

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More than 40 hands in the last few weeks actually, just do the math. Just admit to what YOUR odds are on blackjack instead of players hoping we’re getting normal blackjack odds.

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Our odds would be the same as standard blackjack odds. I understand that it may not seem this way sometimes when facing recent losses, but ultimately such a small sample size of a few hands or even a lot of hands based on one player isn’t large enough to gather any evidence as to the game being rigged.

And that’s how you play it…. Several players have made it clear that you scam, yet when called out you refuse to even look into it. The probability of the amount of losses the last few weeks is insane and you know it. You’ve turned off my account from winning and now are lying saying you’re legit when it’s just not true. Provide evidence or admit that it’s not standard blackjack odds. If it’s RNG then it’s not even blackjack, and even worse the odds are far from normal blackjack odds, complete bullshit.

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I’ll give y’all another shot tomorrow. If it’s literally the same bullshit where you dont allow me to even get up when I have to play through ■■■■ing thousands of bonus, I’m blocking my account and never returning.

Apologies for the late reply here.

This isn’t accurate, as I clearly above did review your sessions and even provided a breakdown for you.

This isn’t something that is possible on our end. There is no way to change the game mechanics, RTP or how they work for specific players.

Again this is an opinion based on a small sample size and is not actual proof of the game not working correctly. We do understand that losses are frustrating and apologize again for any frustration caused, but to simply state that the game is obviously broken based on even a hundred hands played would be premature. I get that doesn’t change your opinion on the game or ease any frustration from how you’ve lost funds but it is the truth.

Everytime you mention RNG, I feel like you’re insulting my intelligence… You know it’s biased and in favor of the house… I dare you to really have RNG!

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Every slot or electronic game suck as video poker for example uses an rng, and yes it is in favor of the house otherwise the rtp would be 100%, which it isn’t.

OMG I CANT AGREE MORE!! I’m always calling to complain about the computerized black jack! They are full of crap to say it’s “fair”…… how about how many times the dealer pulls an ace and asks you if you want insurance. It seems every other hand. Also do you know what the odds are of getting blackjack 2 times in a row are??? No less 3 times??? 4 times is next to impossible …… they MUST change this

@umiamibabe Welcome to the Community. Can you please let us know when you see a dealer receiving blackjack 3 or 4 times in a row. We’ve reviewed your gameplay and don’t see this on any recent sessions?

Also note that the odds of hitting blackjack is somewhere around 5%, so hitting it twice in a row is hard, but hitting it twice in a row in a session of around 100 hands would be actually closer to 20% for instance. It certainly isn’t impossible by any means, but again on review quickly here this isn’t what we’re seeing on your gameplay.

This right here happens way too frequently - that never happens to my benefit!

So what are the odds of this happening? I also believe that your Black Jack games have more than the accepted house edge. Why do your folks cheat us out of our money this way? Are the normal, standard and accepted house edge percentages that are well established and known not enough for the casino to make money? Seems to work at offline casinos since their inception. Greed will bring you down in the long run!

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@Qmech76 Welcome to the Forum. While clearly a case of bad luck we would simply state that the RTP of our games is standard. The games are not rigged or cheating.