Crypto Match Bonus

I didn’t receive my match bonus and when I contacted customer service they did absolutely nothing about it. I’m sorry but I find this to be rude and it just kind of left a bad taste in my mouth . I’ve played at your sister company ignition for quite sometime and I couldn’t imagine them not being courteous to say they very least, and of course always there to give back to the ones that keep them going . Is there someone else besides chat to address this. …

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It’s the same support team

I see you spoke to CS earlier regarding this, and I believe you are referring to an old 3rd party code from another website.
Unfortunately a lot of these are clickbait, and rarely work.

I am going to be proactive here and let yall know I did not get my 50 free and the points…well my magic 8 ball says… undecided. I’ll let you know! Thanks @moderators … you make the spins go round! omg…do you get it? fuuunnyy!

do they just change their names? Who is who? i have to know. For example, nick is nick here, right? But who is he on ignition? LMAO

Oh idk about the forum mods, I was talking about chat support.

I’m an idiot

Nah I should’ve clarified

Hey Nick or Alexander or someone I deposited with Bitcoin yesterday and did not receive my bonus match nor 50 free spins can you please look into this

It would appear that you received the rewards for the 5th BTC Progressive, is this what you are referring to?

I did not receive it I did not get 50 spins either

This is resolved via PM.

Did not receive free spins or match bonus @moderators

We don’t see any deposits in the last week, can you clarify when they were owed to you?

I deposited today

@Alexander I deposited today

I would appreciate my bonus after deposit multiple times , including today … I got messed around on the only bonus I ever received where I won a couple thousand not able to cash out or reach anyone until I was at 120 or so …this is the second time I got messed on another bonus when cs in chat said min deposit ten bucks . I put 20 on there but ended without a bonus and the amount sent …

@Panchozgirl Are you referring to 100% Secondary Welcome Bonus up to $500 ?
If so, this was redeemed by yourself around 8 hours after you deposited, and I cannot see any other bonuses you have redeemed.

I also deposited today and I have not received a bonus or free spins

You already redeemed the spins and points earlier.