Cash back none 2 weeks now

Hi moderators ive spent alot can i please have my weekly cash backreward points so i can play im waiting get pd do i can play in few hrs i soent alot havent gotten all my spins i spent alot 2 weeks .thankuhurricane jesdica

Can you clarify what your weekly cash back reward points mean? Are you talking about the reward point drop? This isn’t a weekly or guaranteed benefit. It is a surprise gift that is randomly added. It cannot be requested nor is routinely added.

I’m in the same boat and quite frankly I am at my wits end. Bovada gave me cask back on my losses yesterday without even asking. Ignition and cafe are pretty good about it as well. AND their bonuses are better with less playthrough. . I wish I would have played on their other sites more than here. No point in being a hosted.

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According to another Mod on the cash back post right below this, it hits on Tuesday before 5pm. Yet, you have never heard of it?

This isn’t the same benefit you’re talking about. They are 2 separate things. The reward drop is a random surprise gift that is provided as reward points. There are still a few players that receive actual cashback on Tuesdays as a 1 X rollover bonus and it is a program benefit of the old crypto exclusive program. Again, I don’t believe the OP is talking about actual cashback.

Can you clarify what it is you are expecting to receive?

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It was every 5 days but I am sure that perk ship has sailed. Not sure if that’s the one he is talking about.

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Most players don’t receive this in succession every 5 days. This is a hosted benefit, should you have received it today?

Be never received cash back from slots it’s usually only cafe that’s on point… I’ve pretty much gave up on asking for shit on this site, lol it is what it is I’m done arguing it… eventually I’ll just move on especially that I’ve never received such a thing… I’m sure we won’t even get the halloween bonus either :joy:

Same here I usually got my bonus once a week ever week free spins and points but for the past four weeks or so haven’t got shit until I bother the living crap out of them!!! This casino is dead as hell not winning much and game are up one min and down the next im pretty much sticking to my brick and mortar casino at least I get perks and free stuff including free play every day smh this casino don’t give you a break even if your at your breaking point😉 KMA

I have been getting little gift and or spins weekly but not today. Is there a reason why? @moderators

I’ve never got any cash bck from slotslv they actually have said THTS the chances of it u win some u lose some. I deposit any many times a week sometimes 2daily

What is is you are missing? It looks like the spins were issued.

@Kendragibson Cashback is account specific, and unfortunately your account is not eligible for this.