Can someone check this

Hi! I was playing Caesar’s Victory and hit 5 of a kind with the coin bonus/multiplier. It said I won $30 and some change. It added it to my balance and then it was gone. This happened today at 6:40pm. Is this something someone can check?

Also, awhile back I used something like 27500 reward points and clicked the $100 bonus, but I didn’t get the bonus. I had used it twice and only received $100, not $200.

Thanks for your time and help!

Hi, there is a win at 6.40 for $31.80, this was bonus funds and it was credited to your account.

Regarding the other issue we are going to need a specific date this happened to check.

Thank you! I was watching The Patient at the same time and was a bit distracted. Thanks for checking this.

I can’t find the date for the other issue and that’s okay. I wouldn’t have mentioned it and only did because I was curious about the other issue.

Thank you for you time!