Bonus wasn’t given

My game froze during bonus and my bonus wasn’t even completed and I didn’t get any of it can I get free chips

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This has happened to me so many times I never would receive anything but it would be nice if they would give out something

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@Yadiraramirez1 Welcome to the forum!
Please send us some information regarding this issue and we can take a look for you.

@Cindysue We can also take a look for you, please send us the details if you were unable to complete spins.

Yes I never received my bonus win when my game got stuck in the middle of it

I tired clearing cache and nothing

Please try following all these steps to reset any frozen spin:

Log out of all browsers and devices.
Log back in and go back to the game or slot you were playing on the same browser.
Attempt to make the same bet amount as the one that got stuck
If this doesn’t work create a duplicate tab of the game and see if this one works.
If none of this works try clearing your cache and cookies and trying one more time.

If this doesn’t work let us know and we can review, but we’ll need specific details like the bet amount, game, specific time and date, etc.

Well it was like 2 months ago i was playing a game which I forgot which one and I got the bonus but it never gave me my winnings and I still had a couple spins left and just dissappeared I believe it was also taking my money as I was playing the the bonus

We are going to need some specific information unfortunately. If you do have an issue with a game it’s always advisable to note the time it happened, also the balance on your account at the time, so we are able to locate the spin.

signed up for deposit bonus and recieve the free spins and reward points but not the Deposit match. and on Golden BUffalo. i got over 70+ free spins @.80 a spin and paid out a total of 3.35 was it because of the bonus?

Hi, can you please advise what it is you are missing so we can take a look for you.

yes it is the match part of my Crypto bonus i deposited $20 and i was supposed to get matched as well.

Are you referring to the deposit on the 5th?
Upon checking I see this was already handled by CS

yes it is the match part of my Crypto bonus i deposited $20 and i was supposed to get matched as well.

Again, I believe this was already handled by CS