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So I put in 106 $ yesterday … got about 159 in bonus $$ … and I’m playing along and even made some positive progress enough to up my bet a couple of times … after awhile of playing I go to see the progress in the rewards and find Im only up to 5% in the rewards which I find strange considering that I got lucky and I felt like the progress bar should have progressed a little further … so to double check I go to transactions where it shows that Im about 7.4K in and about 6.3 out … How come there’s such a great discrepancy btw those numbers … I def feel Im being shorted on the progress bar in the rewards … communicated w some representative C who wasn’t much help … so here I am … can some moderator confirm that things are really as they should be in my scenario … TIA …

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forgot to mention that the rewards are asking me to wager about 10.650

This would depend on what game you are playing as some will have different contributions to rollover.
For example I see you have been playing reels and wheels xl, this will only contribute 10%
You can see the table here.

Thanks for the clarification … I see It now … but that’s something new isn’t it ???

Reels and wheels was recently added, as was thundercrash, but the table has always been in place for the other stuff.

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Has the weekly cash back been put in yet? Because I haven’t received mine

I also have not received weekly Cashback like usual. Nor my 7500 points for deposit or free spins

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I felt the same way I swear I been stuck in the same spot…

@Ktb0301 you were not eligible this week as withdrawals are higher than deposits.

@Chicomeme your account is not eligible for the cashback perk, and the spins and points can take up to 24 hours to credit after you deposit, which i see they now have.

I received my bonus cash and it went straight back to them. Not one time was I up. Just like all of my deposits over the past few months. It’s crazy. Something has changed regardless of what they tell us.


Referral bonuses anyone???

We are supposed to be getting cashback? I’ve never gotten that?

Cashback is an account specific perk, you wouldn’t be eligible for this unfortunately.