7500 point bonus

Last tuesday the 15th, i got 7500 points, then deposited last night. That isnt the same week and i should get points?!

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Hi @aterens

As per the terms outlined here, the offer runs from Monday to Sunday, so the 15th and the 19th are part of the same promotional week:

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4:55 AM
Ref: 591475850
Deposit - Bitcoin…

Yayyyyy. Releasse them points please!!:heart_eyes:

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You did receive them on the 15th right @aterens ? That means you received them for this week, and you will only be eligible again for the new week starting tomorrow Monday, November 21st. The promotional week is Monday - Sunday.

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How do u get these points?? Sorry im new to all of this

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@Peyton @admins @Alexander

Guys I’m attempting to make a deposit but my super crypto exclusive deposit promo is not in my account. The only deposit promo available is the weekly double up which is only 125%. I’ve been opted in the crypto exclusive for over 6 months now. What’s going on here?!?!

@Peyton @Alexander @Nick @admins

Since nobody is online I tried to seek help with the chat agents. Boy was that a mistake. She couldn’t tell me why my account wasn’t offering the super crypto exclusive promo that I’ve been opted in on for almost a year. Only promo available is the weekly double up that’s 125% bonus. The super crypto exclusive is 150%. As you can see in the screen shot she tried to convince me that it’s subject to change and that’s all I’m getting. Even though that promo is COMPLETELY different from the super crypto exclusive she was certain that I even though I’ve been opted in.

I received 150%

This seems to be in the account now.